Skeith Shrine

""With large bodies and spiked tails, Skeiths are among the strongest Neopets. These dragon-like beasts excel in combat and heavy lifting, although they are known procrastinators who’d rather let others do the work. And how do they maintain their massive builds? By devouring anything except cheese, of course!"

- Neopets Site Description

I've played Neopets on and off since the year 2000. Though that time, my tastes in pets and pet colors have changed and evolved. One thing, however, has never changed: I fucking love Skeiths.

There's currently 55 different species of Neopets available, and Skeiths are one of the oldest, existing even before Neopets kept record of their updates. Age isn't indicative of popularity, though. They currently rank at 34th [1] in sheer population on retail Neopets and ranked in the 12 most hated pets in a 2021 community poll. [2]

It's easy to see why people might have negative impressions of Skeiths. For one, they are insatiably hungry. If a hapless Neopian forgets to feed their Skeith or doesn't check them in to the Neolodge, a Skeith has no reservations about helping themselves to a tasty item from their owner's inventory, even if it isn't food. They're not picky about what they eat, though they are all allergic to cheese.

Their appearance and typical portrayal on Neopets do not help their image. They are all overweight and have comically tiny wings. The Neopets Team is fond of depicting them as gluttonous, and many of the few Skeith NPCs are villainous characters.

I, however, disagree. They may be ill-mannered, but these round dragons are friend-shaped. They're full of character, and the most charming of the numerous Neopet dragons. They're relatable, too. I'd probably be a Skeith if I were a Neopet.

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