Howdy! My name is Bear! I'm a non-binary Ohioan in my 30s. My preferred pronouns are none (refer to me by name/descriptors only), but if you must, I also accept it/its, and, if you absolutely must, they/them.

Like many of the other folks on Neocities, I miss the web of my childhood. I grew up on Neopets, Furcadia, and Avidgamers. I found community in these places, and taught myself code to create for them. I stopped attending school in person at 13 years old due to chronic illness, so the connections I formed online were my lifeline.

So Neocities instills a powerful sense of nostalgia for me, of course! I don't really know what I'm seeking to create here, yet, but I'm eager to see where this experience takes me.

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